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Keynote Speakers

María Solanas


Director of programs at Real Instituto ElCano

Carlos L. Alfonso


Professor of Law and Social Security at UV

José R. Córdoba


Professor of Information Technology and Management

Closing conference

Luis Enrique Alonso

Professor of sociology at  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

María Solanas


María Solanas is Director of Programs at Real Instituto Elcano. Licenced in Political Science and Sociology (Political Sociology) and Information Sciences (Journalism) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she has developed her professional career in the field of international and institutional relationships and political advocacy. She has been Vocal Adviser at International Policy and Security department at the Presidency of the Government (2004-2011), where she had responsibilities for Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as for issues related to migrations and human rights. She was coordinator of the Secretariat of International Relationships in the PSOE governament (2003-2004) and, between 1993 and 2003 was responsible for European issues. Her main areas of research are foreign policy, gender, equality and global governance. She is second vicepresident of the UNICEF Spanish Committee and member of the Mediterranean Network of Women Mediators. 

Carlos L. Alfonso Mellado

Professor of labour law and social security at universitat de valencia

Carlos L. Alfonso Mellado is Professor of Labour Law and Social Security at Universidad de Valencia. At different times he has been arbitrator of the Tribunal Arbitral Laboral CV y del SIMA and of the Tripartite Council for the development of Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining at Comunitat Valenciana. Between 2002 and 2009 he was Dean of the Law faculty at Universitat de Balencia and in other periods he hold different professional positions as (Vice Dean, President of the UV Electoral Board and Secretary at some centers…). He is author of numerous publications (more than 300) in labour market issues and member of the board or advisers at different labour market scientific journals. He was awarded for his professional career, including La Cruz Distinguida de 1ª Clase de San Raimundo de Peñafort. 

José Rodrigo Córdoba

professor of tecnology and management information

José Rodrigo Córdoba. His main area of research is systems of thinking for management. Licenced in Computer Science and Engineering Systems at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and Master’s degree in management systems through a Colfuturo-lloen scholarship at Hull University in United Kingdom. He was awarded with a distinction and a PhD fellowship to develop a research about critical systems thinking and information systems at Center for Systems Studies at Hull University. Postdoctoral fellowship at ESRC (UK Economic and Social Research Council). Nominated for the William Newman Award for the US Academy of Management for the best research based on a doctoral thesis. Subsequently, after several years as lecturer at Hull University, he moved to the Royal Holloway where he held a senior professorship. Author of different books and scientific articles in high-impact journals, director of doctoral theses in different countries and co-editor of different numbers of journals. He currently is external examiner for the MBA program at Hull University Business School, and is editor of the Systems Research and Behavioral Science Journal.

Luis Enrique Alonso Benito

professor of sociology at universidad autónoma de madrid

Luis Enrique Alonso Benito. Licenced and PhD in Economic Science at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. From 1984 to the present he is professor at Sociology Department at Faculty of CC. Economics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – where he is a sociology professor – and he has been in charge of teaching more than a dozen subjects in the field of Sociology of Business and Economics, within the degrees and the postgraduate degrees of that faculty. He has taught internationally at the Southbank University in London and Paris I (Laboratoire Georges Friedmann), Xalapa (Veracruz, México) and República de Uruguay. Specialized in Economic Sociologu and Sociological Analysis and research about collective action phenomena and social movements, he has directed research within the European Union (Comett program DG5), concerned actions with the Cardiff University (British Council / Ministry of Education) and competitive projects of the Dgicyt, among others. In addition, he has published many papers in scientific journals, chapters and books about his work.Lic