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Call for papers

In order to adress the topic of the conference ‘The Future Management: Changes and Proposals for Post-pandemic Society’ three main topics are framed in the conference: management and economy, social-policy and law.
We invite you to send studies about the soul and the targets of the conference: presenting, discussing and learning about the latest improvements about searching solutions to tackle the problems that are being brought about the pandemic. The following topics are instructions for the boundary makers expected in the conference but they are not restrictive. 
In the academic world, easy-to-read research papers are not common but they are a need for people with intellectual dis-Abilities. Easy-to-read information is important so people with intellectual dis-Abilities can fully take part in our society. For this reason, we also accept papers in easy-reading format (see: 
If you are a researcher interested in presenting your research in easy reading format and you have any doubt do not hesistate to contact us. Let’s make research accessible for all.  

Management and Economy track. Transforming old models and concepts for a new era post-pandemic

– Rethinking the management and the organizational ladership  
  • – Enterpreneurship and growth in a post-pandemic crisis 
  • – Corporate social responsability and sustainability 
  • – Strategy and change management  
  • – Risk management 
  • – Social innovation 
  • – Management of human resourses, telework and new employment relationships 
  • – The new reality of the labour market 
  • – Skills and competences for a new economy 
  • – Create value through the public and private colaboration 
  • – Internationalization and new relationships 
  • – Organitzations that learn and the management of knowledge 
  • – Sustainable growth and inclusion 
  • – Transformation into a circular economy 

Social-policy track. Complexity and risks in S. XXI societies

  • – The welfare state in post-pandemic crisis 
  • – Existent and future inequalities: the social balance threatened 
  • – Challenges for gender equality in the XXI century  
  • – The world geopolitic in fragmented framework
  • – Health and social inequalities  
  • – Emotions, rationality and policy 
  • – Belief system in secularized societies 
  • – Science and technology: the return of the progress? 
  • – Art and social inclusion
  • – Studies about immigration 
  • – New social and political actors and new agenda 
  • – The digital interaction 
  • – The representation of the self in the social imagination 
  • – Social vulnerability in a digital era 

Law track. Rethinking the employment relationships and social security due to pandemic

– Discrimination and Covid-19 
  • – Protection labour marked procedure during the pandemic: ERTE’s due to force majeure and permissions 
  • – The unemployment protection due to COVID 19
  • – The protection in front of social vulnerability: minimum vital income 
  • – The health protection of the workers during the pandemic 
  • – Health assistance and inability temporal protection because of the COVID 19 
  • – COVID-19 as a profesional contingency 
  • – Teleworking during and after the pandemic 
  • – The expansion of digital platforms during and after the pandemic 
  • – Layoffs because of COVID 19 and their consequences 
  • – Control, employment flexibility and digital disconection in the pandeimc context 
  • – The impact of the pandemic in the work-life balance and co-responsibility
  • – The self-employed workers protection in the pandemic 
  • – Union rights in the COVID 19 era 
  • – The labour proces during and after the pandemic